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East Ayrshire Council Senior Management

Below you will find the Senior management structure for East Ayrshire Council.

Attached to each individual is their title and the salary that they receive from The council tax payers of East Ayrshire correct at 1st April 2011. I will update as and when the information becomes available


Fiona Lees
Chief Executive
Salary - £121,680

Alex McPhee
Finance & Corporate Support
Salary - £101,217

Elizabeth Morton
Neighbourhood Services
Salary - £101,217

Graham Short
Education & Social Services
Salary - £109,827

Bill Walkinshaw
Head of Democratic Services
Salary - £71,934
Alan Neish
Head of Planning and Economic Development
Salary - £77.166
Euan Couperwhite
Head of Service: Resources
Salary - £73,731
Craig McArthur
Head of Finance
Salary - £77,166
Chris McAleavey
Head of Housing
Salary - £77,166
Robin Gourlay
Head of Facilities Management
Salary - £73,731

Malcolm Roulston
Head of Information Technology
Salary - £77,166

John Griffiths
Head of Leisure
Salary - £77,166
Kay Gilmour
Head of Service: Community Support
Salary - £77,166
David Mitchell
Head of Legal Procurement and Regulatory Services
Salary - £84,045
John Bryson
Head of Roads and Transportation
Salary - £73,731
Andrew Sutherland
Head of Service: Schools
Salary - £77,166
Martin Rose
Head of Human Resources
Salary - £77,166
Susan Taylor
Head of Service: Children, Families and Criminal Justice
Salary - £77,166
Eddie Fraser
Head of Service: Community Care
Salary - £81,024
Total salary for 6 people
Total salary for 5 people
Total salary for 7 people
Total Salary for 19 people

One Million Five Hundred and Eighty Seven Thousand Three Hundred and Ninety Six Pounds per year

+ Expenses.......Are you getting good value?

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