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As a lone voice against local government you have no control or say in the running of your local services or in tackling any contentious issues you may have against council departments or personnel.

Your elected members are not able to speak for themselves regarding the important stuff as my case demonstrates. They are part of a political party system which means they have to toe a party line on matters rather than deal with the issue on its own merits.

As it stands at the moment there are no organisations in place to keep check of the behaviour of council officials. This has resulted in serious breaches of people's rights and some corrupt individuals being protected by senior officials.

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If someone feels that an injustice has been dealt to them by East Ayrshire Council and they have the courage to make a complaint it will most likely be dealt with by the councils monitoring officer David Mitchell, Head of Legal Procurement and Regulatory Services. Unfortunately a large part of my complaint was regarding David Mitchell himself.

I have been the victim of what I can only describe as aggressive, devious and unethical behaviour from members of East Ayrshire Council. How is it possible to get a fair hearing of a complaint if it is for the accused party to decide whether they deal with your problem or not?

If you are not happy with the outcome of your complaint or feel you have been wrongly treated then you will be directed to the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO). This is when you will realise that you have little if any hope of getting justice. The SPSO cannot investigate the behaviour of individuals, they can only investigate whether the council followed its own internal complaints procedure.

Even if during its investigation the SPSO find that the council acted abhorrently, its most severe sanction it can make is to write a letter to council saying so. It has no remit to take any action against them. If your complaint is of a legal nature the SPSO will not investigate as they say that it is down to you to fund legal action against them.

You may think that perhaps you can go to your councillor, MSP, or MP for help. I have went down this road and found that, it seems, they are not willing to challenge the system. My feelings are that this is because this system protects them also. In my case my MSP WillieCoffey is a member of East Ayrshire Council so I was fighting a losing battle there it seems.

This website has been set up to inform and assist in dealing with East Ayrshire Council. To give the people of East Ayrshire a place where they can speak out and be heard. We will be highlighting stories that the Council would most likely prefer to keep behind closed doors.

There is an Online Forum up and running so please register so that you can have your say. Together we may be able to get a system in place that protects your rights to be heard and get democracy back in place at East Ayrshire Council.

Please return often as there will be updates and new stories as they happen.

Together we might just be able to get East Ayrshire Council to behave ethically when dealing with ordinary members of the public.

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8th November

Follow up letter sent to Fiona Lees Chief Executive of East Ayrshire Council.

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3rd November

Open letter sent to Fiona Lees Chief Executive of East Ayrshire Council outlining her failure to address accusation of serious abuse of power in her council.

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3rd November

Email sent to elected members updating them on lack of response to letter to David Mitchell Head of Legal, Procurement and Regulatory Services at East Ayrshire Council.

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1st November

Follow up email sent to David Mitchell Head of Legal, Procurement and Regulatory Services at East Ayrshire Council asking for a response.

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27th October

Open Letter sent to David Mitchell Head of Legal, Procurement and Regulatory Services at East Ayrshire Council and to all the elected members.

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22nd October

Email sent to Cathy Jamieson MSP for Kilmarnock & Loudoun asking her to investigate claims of alleged cover up at East Ayrshire Council.

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